The Peace and Reconciliation Group was established in 1976 to build bridges and promote a peaceful and inclusive society for all in Northern Ireland. Whether you are interested in participating in one of our projects or training opportunities or volunteer work with the organisation, you will find detailed information on all aspects of our work within this site. Please feel free to contact us for further information. Read more »


PRG manage a wide reaching project programme, with projects aimed at young people, children, families, ex combatants and also run projects which are tailored to need specific needs or address situations.

Dealing with the Past, Shaping the Future

The main focus of this project will be to engage with cross border statutory and voluntary organisations and individuals to develop programmes that will deal with the past and help pave the way for our divided communities to be reconciled.


The Peace and Reconciliation Group offers a range of quality training programmes to all segments of the community, public and private.


The P.R.G. Mediation Service provide a comprehensive mediation service and complete conflict management training programme.

Other Services

In addition to the formal work which we are engaged with, PRG also work in partnership with many local and national organisations and statutory and voluntary bodies


The Peace and Reconciliation Group (PRG) are a registered charity with over thirty years of experience of working in the community.

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